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  • Reflective diffracted light from the rotating discs repels flying bugs and birds
  • Rotating reflective diffractive disks make a complete rotation every 60 seconds
  • Keeps flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and other flying bugs away
  • Keeps birds from flying into windows and glass walls
  • No sound so there's nothing to annoy or distract you
  • No scents, creams, sprays, toxins, chemicals, candles or bug zappers
  • No electrical outlet necessary 
  • 100% Environmentally friendly 
  • Doesn't kill insects or birds, it keeps them away

IMPORTANT NEWS! We have discovered during testing and use that FLYZ AWAY® is very effective at repelling birds, causing them to avoid flying into windows and glass walls, which may injure or kill them. If you have this problem, FLYZ AWAY® will solve it. Order now!


  • 1 FLYZ AWAY®
  • 4 Professional Strength Suction Cups
  • Battery
  • Hook for Hanging
  • Storage compartment on bottom stores mounting accessories and battery when not in use