Keep Pesky Bugs Away With FLYZ AWAY®

How Does FLYZ AWAY® Work?


No Scents, Sprays, Creams, Chemicals, Toxins, or Obnoxious Zappers.

You Won't Even Notice It's There, But The Insects Will Stay Away!

Keep FLYZ AWAY® on your patio table, porch, or hang it on a window or sliding door and you will experience significantly fewer flies, mosquitoes and bees!

"I own a farm, and my horse barn used to be swarming with flies. I put a Flyz Away at each of the two entrances to the barn and it completely transformed my entire barn! I rarely ever see a fly in there now!"

Jake S.

"When there is nice weather, I love to open up our patio doors but in turn that always seemed to invite flies into our house. It was so frustrating that I completely stopped leaving doors and windows open just to prevent flies getting in our house. I was skeptical at first when I bought my first Flyz Away. But, I hung it outside of my patio doors and it worked like magic! We haven't had a single fly in our house ever since - and it also keeps wasps away from our patio so they don't build nests! I highly recommend this product!!"

Jordan D.

"Not only is this product cool looking, but it seriously does the job! We have a couple of them now to use outside during nice weather, or when we go camping or on a picnic. Do yourself a favor and try this product out to see how awesome it is for yourself! 

Derek S.

"Talk about a game changer!! I am a true fan of this product - it has allowed us to enjoy our deck again without frustrating flying insects! Not only does it really work, it also is an added benefit that there is no sound (like those bug zappers), doesn't kill the insects, and doesn't involve a spray or smelly candle!"

Becca M.

Tell Bugs To "Buzz Off" With FLYZ AWAY®

Finally, a way to naturally repel those flying, annoying insects with a simple to use product that actually does the job without scents, creams, sprays toxins, chemicals, candles or bug zappers!